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How to express love in a long distance relationship

Express love in a long distance relationship does not have complex thing to do.This is because of the variety of apps and many devices available .You can now talk face to face with your partner as if you are together even if you are not together.

That is all the good of technology .However video call is not the only thing best way to express love in long distance relationships.

They are still more other cool things you can do to show love to your partner even if you are not together physically .Below is the list of those .


9 things to express love in a long distance relationship

  1. Have regular communication 
  2. Support one another 
  3. Buy birthday gifts for each  other 
  4. Talk about your experience of the day 
  5. Create playlist of songs to listen them together
  6. Don’t be too hard on one another 
  7. Visit each  other if it possible 
  8. Try to write a poem for your partner 
  9. Don’t lose trust to one another 

1.Have regular communication 

Communication is the foundation of long long distance relationship.Without a good communication they is no doubt that all the effort you will put in will fade away .To have good communication with your partner you need to communicate regularly and have interesting things to talk about .

For regular communication  please keep mind that It does not mean call your partner every day and For the interesting things to talk about , you can talk about anything you like such as the things you are doing are current doing  , how do you feel since your partner is away from you  and more .You can also do a video call with your partner if he/she does not too shy for the camera .That will make your communication to be much more better .

2.Support one another

Once you have maintaining good communication with your partner , it will be easy for you to see where does he need your help and support .Once you know where he need you try your best to help him .Supporting your partner is the great way to express love in long distance relationship because it naturally .By that i mean it a  really way of showing love and  it does  not look like pretending  to miss your partner too much or anything like that .This is something you have already use to do before you even start to be in long distance relationship .

Of Course you can buy gifts for him which will talk about below ,But the problem with gifts is that they are more effective if you will have surprise your partner when you see him .In long distance relationship you can’t him easily as a result  , you can’t even see if he is happy for gifts or not .

If you help him with something that he already needs ,they is no doubt that he will be happy for what  you have done for him .He will feel that you really love him because you saved his day.The problem is  how can  you know what your partner really needs ?

That is where communication comes in , by communicating regularly with your partner you will know what is your partner doing and how you can help him or whatever he is doing .

3.Buy birthday gifts for each  other

Gifts are another great way of showing love whether  in short distance or long distance relationship .As long you choose the right gift at the  right time your partner will be happy and accept it .They are more easy things you can buy for your partner in LDR some of those are gift card ,flowers , watch , tenclets and more .

Remember that you can buy those gifts any time you like , but it is advisable to buy them on the special day for your partner .That is because if buy them on the special day they will create more memories in your partner about you .

Birth day is the good example day for sending gift to your partner .Think about how will you feel if your partner tell his friends that this watch was bought by partner for me on my birthday .I am sure you will be happy , so when you are buying gift for your partner try to buy some thing that can stay or lust for long in his hands .So that every time when he look it he will think about you .

4.Talk about your experience of the day

As mentioned above communication is vital to any relationship.Talking with your partner about the experience of your day is the great way of starting conversation and it a great way  to get to know what is going on to your partner’s life  .Your aim is to show love to him right ?.

So if you  need to show love to him you need to show him that you care about him even if he is away from you for a while .Asking him ( how was your day ) is the easiest thing you can do show him that you care about him .

5.Create playlist of songs to listen together

songs to express love in long distance relationship
Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

This is good for couples who want to be romantic .So if you want to be romantic too ,Then this is also good for you as well .All you need to do is to look for the list of songs you like and compile them into the top 10 list or 20. 

Once your list is ready send it to the radio to played for you and your partner as well as other couples who are  in LDR .if you are not big fan of radio you can do the same thing with spotify .Spotify is good because already it has ton and tons of list of songs which have already been created for you .All you need is to choose the ones that you like and then you are good to go .


If It happen that you already have songs that you use to listen to when you are together, start by adding those on your list.

6.Don’t be too hard on one another 

It is possible to miss one another too much in lDR in such a way that you want to talk again and again with your partner on the phone .That is good and it another way of expressing love ,but you need to keep in mind that your partner might be busy when he is away from you .

That means he might not get time to talk with you on the phone every time when you want to.If you can understand that and give him that little space  you will be doing him a big favour.That may not be the way of expressing love in a long distance relationship but it is  good way for give each other space to focus on your goals .

7.Visit each  other if it possible 

Try to visit or meet up with your partner if it possible.meeting up with your partner is not only the great way of expressing but it also a great opportunity for you to travel the world .This is more especial if your partner is within another country .Visiting your partner it also a great way for love rejuvenation .It always good to see the people that you have not seen for a while .

It can be good if you can save the gifts for the day you choose to visit your partner .Your partner will be happy for that you have come to see him and 2 he will be happy for that you have bought something special for him .

8.Try to write a poem for him 

This is the best way of expressing love to your partner if you are creative .Write a short poem about how do feel about him and share it with him .It does not have to really poem even simple and nice massage can do the same thing .It does not also have to be your own poem ,Even if you found one that you think it will fit in to your relationship ,share it with your partner .Even a song can be good for this method of expressing love .So you don’t have focus on poems only you can also look for songs that you can enjoy with your partner and do the same thing as mentioned on point number 5.

9.Don’t lose trust on one another 

Trust is important in relationship for preventing from negative thoughts about your partner .That is more especially for the time when your partner’s does not answer your call or respond to your massages .If you don’t trust him it will be very easy for you to say he cheating .That will also apply when you see him in the photos with other girls .

However if you trust him you won’t have any problem with that .

Take out 

Most of the things above are not specific for expressing love to your partner ,but they are more focus on helping you to grow in long distance relationship .I mean gifts and nice messages are not the only the things you need for your long distance relationship to survive .you do also need to see him ,you do need to communicate with him ,you do need to trust him .

Without all of  those things they are very few chances for your long distance relationship to survive .

That is why it is important to be romantic and also be really to your partner .When I am say be really I mean continue to do and talk about the things that you use to talk about when you are together .

Remember you are still in relationship with your partner not someone new. The only different now is the distance between the two of you .Other than that everything is still have to be the same .

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