7 fantastic ways to improve communication in long distance relationship

The way you communicate with your partner it real matters in long distance relationship. Failing to have proper communication your partner can make him don’t want to call you or answer your phone next time when you call him.

Many people fail to have a proper communication with their partner via cell phone because they don’t know the right time call them, how long they must talk on the phone, what are the things to talk about, not sure about which app or method of communication to use.

This article is all about that

Before we look at the ways to improve communication in long distance relationship .let’s look the important of having good communication with your partner when he is way from you for while.

Why communication is important in long distance relationship

  • To stay update about your partner
  • To support one another if needed
  • To maintain love and trust

To stay up to date

Staying update with your partner in long distance relationship it’s  all about to be care for his life .You do need to know what going on to your partner even if he is way from you .When  he was living with  you probably use to talk about your experience of day. That is still possible though cell phone when he is way from you and it is important.

To support one another

Every one need support sometimes whether in short distance relationship or long distance relationship. It is easy to see if your partner need your help in short distance relationship compare to in long distance relationship. This is due to the fact that you can easy see his emotions every time when you talk with him face to face. In a long distance relationship you will never how he feel until you call him.

To maintain love and trust

Love and trust are most important things that makes relationship to be relationship for couples. Frequent communications between you and your partner help to keep the bond strong and it indicate that you are still care about each other even if when you are not together physical.

So now you know why communication is important in long distance relationship let’s look the ways of improving it below.

Ways to improve communications in long distance relationship

  1. Choose the right method for you and him
  2. Choose the right time to call him
  3. Find interesting topics
  4. Don’t forget to say i love you
  5. Meet up somewhere
  6. Post him on your status
  7. Don’t fake your feelings

1.Choose the right method for you and him

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The first thing you need to do to improve communication in long-distance relationship is to choose the right method of communication for you and him. Most of us know that they are 3 method of communication we can use to chat with anyone who is way from us .Those method are texted massages, phone call and video call. They all seems to be obvious to anyone but once use them in wrong way the conversation become boring .To ensure that you have a proper connection with him after reading this article  lets quickly look each one below .

Texted massages

For texted massages all you have to do is to choose the right social network that support taxed massages of which most of them do. Once you choose the right social network for you and him you have to come up with interesting things to talk about .Some of the things you can chat about is t your life and his life as well as other romantic things .We will look some of the romantic things to do and talk about in phone .For now let’s say you know what to talk about and take following tips for communicating via texted massages.

  • Don’t be too fast on to him – in long distance relationship your partner is away for studying or working .That mean he will be busy in most of his as result he might not respond to your massages on the time you want him to respond.
  • Avoid to send sms and write emails for him –it easy to ignore massages that come via sms and email .Statistics show that workers in USA receive an average 121 emails per day .That mean if you send email to your chances are it  might go to the spam folder.
  • Send nice massages to each other on the regular days. we will look them later in this article

Phone call

Phone call is the easiest method you can use to communicate with him and is more effective than texted massages. Phone call is more effective because it does not take too much time and it can be hard for your partner to ignore your phone call compare to ignore your massages. The other advantage of using phone is to come up with more topic easily .it is easy to come up with topic when you are talking voice to voice with your partner because you don’t think too much as if you are writing massages .

Tips for phone call

  • Ask your partner when he will be free so that you will have enough time to talk with him on the phone.
  • Choose the right background or quiet place. It too annoying to talk with some on the phone while is busy talking with other people on the same time .The same thing goes for music in the background or any other noise you might think of.
  • It won’t be romantic to talk with your partner on the phone if you are in place where they is too much noise in the background or when you are busy talking with your friends while calling him.

Video call

This is the most effective way of communicating with your partner in long distance relationship because it allows you and your partner to see each other faces. You can do video call via self camera or web camera in your laptop. It all up to you which you choose .What really  matters with video call is the personality type. If your partner is too shy try to avoid using video call when you call him.

Tip for video call

  • It can be nicer if you can use web cam in your laptop or pc as it will help you to see him on the screen.
  • If you have never use video call with him in the past. Start to ask his permission first.
  • Ask for permission first before you do someone is another way of showing respect.

2.Choosing the right time to call him

So now you know which method of communication is good for you to communicate with your partner in long distance relationship. The question now is which time and how long you should talk with him on the phone.

To be honest with you they is no one who have right to tell you how much time you should spend on the phone when you are talking with your partner .

That all depend on you and him as well as the your conversation .You can’t cut of the phone when you having good conversation in with your partner because of limited time you were given by someone else. That won’t be fare.

3.Find Interesting things to talk about

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

The overall point for write this article is to help you to improve communication with your partner when is way from you. No matter which method of communication you choose to communicate with him if you going to talk about boring things your conversation will start to be boring over time in the end you even won’t call each other at all. As promised above below is the list of simple things and romantic to talk about in long distance relationship.

Simple things to talk about

  • Experience of the day ( good morning ,how was your  night , day etc)
  • Favourite meal so far ( can you cook , what is the best thing you have cooked so far )
  • First kiss ( bring back memories )
  • Family back ground ( how is your parents , when was the last time you talk with them )
  • New place ( how do you  copy with changes and challenges , have you find some friends )
  • Goal and inspiration ( share your goals with him so that can share his goals or plans with you )
  • The goals about your relationship ( what are your plans after long distance relationship )
  • Deadline for long distance relationship ( when are you coming back , is there any way to meet somewhere )

They are not romantic all and they is one reason for that .You don’t have to be romantic all the time when you talk with your partner. When you try to be romantic every time when you talk with him you will be running out of things to talk about and to do on the phone

4.Don’t fake your feelings

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

This is the most common problem for people want to be romantic all the time. People who are like that will send nice massages , quotes for love and use big words like “ i can’t live without  you “ and do more .Big words like that are good for expressing love however they must match with your personality .

Your partner know what you can say and do for him . So if you trying do something that is beyond your creativity or personality your partner will see that as fake or pretending to miss him so much. To avoid that speak your mind or write down the way you feel since he is away from you.

5.Meet up somewhere

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Meet up with your partner somewhere is the great way for reviving communication between you and him .As much as you can talk and do romantic things with your partner via cell phone it always can be good to see each other face to face .

Deadline for your long distance relationship can be too far you so meeting up somewhere is the only option you have to see you partner face to face .All you need to do is choose the place, day and right time to meet up with him. It important to meet on the place that is convenient for both of you.

6.Post him on your status

Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay

This is not the best way of improving communication in long distance relationship but is the best way of showing your partner that you really miss him .

They use to say action sound louder than words so this is best action you can take to show your partner that you really miss him. You can also send gifts for him but that need time and money that is why posting him on your status is the best.

Posting your partner on your status can  also play major role in building trust since it can show him that you are not afraid of being in love with him .If he see his photos  on your status he will be happy .You will see that when you are chatting with him  for the second time .

7.Don’t forget to say i love you

Image by Robert Armstrong from Pixabay

while you are busy trying to find out romantic things to talk about and to do via cell phone it can be easy to forget the word I love you .This is more especial to couple to call each other more often .It is too easy is for them ignore those words because one part might say I said it in morning so they is no need to say it again.

That is what most people do. To be on the safe side always say i love you to him at the end of every conversation you have.

Additional information for improving communication in long distance relationship

Best apps to communicate with him in long distance relationship

When it comes to apps it really depend on you which one you like .Below is the list of best and popular ones.

  1. WhatsApp 
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Skype
  4. WeChat
  5. Telegram

They are more apps you can choose from .The reason why I recommend the above one is because all of them support texted massages , video call and phone call .More important you can use each of the above app on your android phone , apple and windows machine .

Most common Communication issues long distance relationship

We have already touch most of the following problem that affect communication in long distance relationship. That mean they are no long a big problem for you now because you know what to do to solve them.

Here are communication problems For LDR

  • Losing  cell phone
  • Phone not answered
  • Network issues(back ground )
  • Running out of things to talk about
  • Mismatch of personalities

How often you should call your partner in long distance relationship?

You can call your partner as much as you want however you need to call him on the right time which we have discussed at the beginning of this article. Do keep in mind that everything start to sucks when  it too much .

It can be better if you can skip few days before you call him again .If you call him again and again he won’t see the need for calling you and I am sure you do also like him to call you .

Can long distance relationship really survive without communication in this day?

The answer is yes, it can survive but the chances for it to survive are too low .The older the relationship the better chances for it to survive without communication in long distance relationship and visor versa.

In conclusion

Long distance relationship has been criticised a lot but that does not mean it is not working .If you know how to maintain good communication with your partner when he is way from you and you know simple things to do with him your LDR will survive for sure.

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