5 Really life reasons why we lose friends as we grow up

Have you ever noticed that as we grow we tend to lose friendship with our old friends?.Even though we are still friends with them but it is not as it was  use to be before .

Below are 5 reasons why it is different now .


Most us gets friends at school .So when it time to go to tertiary ,we usual go into different university or colleges and some of us don’t even go to study for different reasons .It usually take 6 months or a  year before we come back to our home .During that time when  we away from home  we learn new things and meet new people .

That make us to be interested in other new  things in life .The same thing happen to our friends wherever they are .When it time to come back and meet again things start to A Bit different because we no longer interested in the same things .You will see that when you are talking with your friend your conversation be boring because your interests are different now .


This is more especially for females .Once a female gets married she will become a wife .As wife she will have to do a lot of things for her husband and kids such as cooking ,washing and more  .That make it hard for her to get time to go and chill with her  friends .if this continue to happen for years ,she might end up not communicating with her friends at all.

Toxic friendship 

As people we keep on  changing .We either change in to good or bad .it possible for our friends to change  and live the life that we were not expecting them to live.Maybe they becoming gangsters or anything like that .Changes  like that force us  to run away from them if we don’t want to be gangsters like them .

Finding new job 

Finding a new job is same thing as going to study for students .Meaning once you find a new job you will still gonna meet new people at your new job .This is happen a lot to people who have changed their job .Wherever you go you will find a new people and to prevent yourself from  being bored you need to have relationship with those people in that place .So the more time you spend with those people the more they will become your new friends .

Moving in to cities 

This is probably the biggest reason for losing friends .if the family of your friend decided to move out to live into the cities  .chances are it will take years and years for you to see him/her again .That is because most us  are too lazy to visit our friends when they are away from us  .That might be because we too busy to visit them or they are too far from us .as a result friendship will be broken .

Wrap  up 

Those are the reasons why we lose friends as we grow up .It just few changes and few other more important things we need to do that separate us from our friends .However It worth to keep in mind  that most of the above reasons depend upon the bond you have with your friends .

if your bond is too strong you won’t  hesitate to visit or meet with your friends no matter where they are across the globe .Also the technology is become more advanced as we grow .Which make it very easy to stay connected with our friends even if they away from us .

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