10 Tactics that will make you love LDR ( advantages of long distance relationship)

Love couples
Love couples

Long distance relationship has been criticised a lot in such a way that if you just starting it you will feel like paving a way to the divorce or breakup. Is that true?

Let’s find out.

Long distance relationship statistics show that 60 of couples do continue with their relationship after they being in LDR for while. That mean distance is not the end of relationship.

What about the other 40%

The other 40% who fail is the one for the couple who don’t know interesting things to do on the phone to maintain love and trust when they are part.

You can check out those things here later for now let’s look at the advantages of being in long distance relationship.

Here Are the advantages of long distance relationship

  1. See The value of partner in your life
  2. More time to focus on your goals
  3. Too much private
  4. love Rejuvenation
  5. Too much privacy
  6. Appreciate time you get to be together
  7. Improve communication skill
  8. More travelling opportunities
  9. Receive gits and nice massages
  10. Find New Friends

1. See the value of partner in your life

this is one of advantages of long distance relationship

Long distance relationship give you the opportunity to see the important and value of your partner in your life. When your partner is with you all the time you don’t see all his/her effort to make your life easy .

A good example to that is that most men don’t know how to cook .Every time when they come from work and they enjoy nice food cooked by their partners .As the result some don’t even say thank you my wife for nice food.

In long distance relationship it does not work like that .Men must learn to cook for himself if he want to eat health food .This is where most men say I wish my wife was here .That is also another advantage of being in LDR because it teaches people to do things for themselves.

This is not the advantage of men’s only .This also apply to women because they are important activities that they can’t do for them self at home .This include ,,,, and more .During this time women have to try to do those activities  for herself even although some of them are hard .I know that the other option is to hire someone but that need money your husband was goanna to do that for free.

So in the end LDR show you how much do you need one another in your relationship.

2. More time to focus on your goals

This is the perfect time for you to focus on your gaols .This time is perfect for you if you are women /female because you won’t have to wash clothes and do ironing for your partner. He will do that for himself where ever he is.

They are more activities you do for your partner that take a lot of your time without noticing .When he is away from you, you feel free in most of your time .That freedom will make you feel bored sometimes and once you start to feel bored it easy for you think more about yourself and realise the goals you want to archive .It will also be much easier for you to just grab a book and read it to fight with boredom. This where you get time to lean more new things and opportunities which might be good for you.

3.love Rejuvenation

It is good when your partner is with you all the time .LDR create distance and space between you and him that will make you miss each other more .When the time come for you to see each other again you will be much happy to see one another .That can make you feel like your relationship is new .That is where your love is rejuvenated.

4.Improve your communication skill

LDR depend up on the communication. If you can’t maintain  good  level of  communication with your partner your relationship will fail .That forces  to learn to listen more and respect one another .Which is essential for any relationship to be successful .You can read more here later if you need more details about improving communication in long distance relationship .

5. Receive gift and nice massages

<span>Photo by <a href="https://unsplash.com/@kadh?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText">Kira auf der Heide</a> on <a href="https://unsplash.com/s/photos/gift-couple?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText">Unsplash</a></span>

Gift and nice massages are another techniques to maintain high level love in long distance relationship .it a must for serious couples to send gits and massage to each other to ensure that they don’t lose hope to see each other again and continue with their relationship as it was to before .They are simple massages that make sense only when they  have been send by someone who is away from you .

To add more on that point.

Let look at the time you sleep with your partner .Do you say good night to each other every time before you sleep? The answer is obvious you don’t say it every time .Although it will be nice to hear your partner say good night to you .But it will  make more sense if your partner can say it if he is away from you .

For gifts it is normal if your partner is the person who likes to send gifts he will continue to send them more when he is way from you.

6. Appreciate the time you spend together

As mentioned early ldr create distance between you and your partner that make each one of you to miss one another more .when the time come to see each other you will make value of every second you spend with together.

This is more like when someone has borrow you something for short period of time .As soon you get it you use it you make sure that you use it until you are satisfy  because you know that is not goanna be with all time . The same scenario applies for the first time you see your partner after long period e of time.

7.Less disagreements

Disagreements come from the decision we make with others .LD  relationship give you a chance to live independent  life. That mean you have to make decision without relaying too much on your partner .Although you can tell him on the phone but you won’t have to explain everything you do as if he is with you.

Beside that when see each all time you lose interest from each other as the results you will end arguing for minor things.

8. Relationship test

<span>Photo by <a href="https://unsplash.com/@benwhitephotography?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText">Ben White</a> on <a href="https://unsplash.com/s/photos/test?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText">Unsplash</a></span>

Have you ever wonder if your partner is goanna marry you or not .Well if haven’t chances are you will .LDR is the perfect test for you to see if your partner is willing to be with you or not in the future .If your partner come back and love you again after being away for years .That mean your partner is really love you.

Think about all the girls your partner is exposed to when he is away from you.

Some of them are better than you right?.But your partner choose to leave them and come back to love you again.

Well that is true love.

9. More opportunity to travel

This is another great opportunity for couples who are in LDR.When your partner move out for his work to another place .He will get chance to know more places on earth and you will also lean them because you will visit him if you like to.

I know that you can travel the world with him when he is with you in your home .The problem with that is budget .If you go to visit your partner you won’t think about where are gonna sleep, for how long and what you will eat .All you need is just few bucks to arrive to him everything you think about is already done for you .That why LDR is the opportunity to travel the world .

10.Find new friends

When your partner is with you all the time you won’t see the really need for friends .Even although friends are important to you for reasons which we will discuss after few lines below .This is more special if you working .In the morning you go to work and come back later .On weekends you go to shop groceries with him .You see that you are fully occupied .They is no time for you to spend with friends.

Think about your weekends when your partner is away from you .They might be boring sometimes right?

That is where you will see the need of having friends and visit your parents .You can also ask your friends to help you to shop essentials for your home and have good time with them while you are in town.

As promised here is why friends are great for LDR

1) They close the gap for anyone who wants to be in love with while your partner is away .That is good because once you start cheating your partner will know somehow and that might be end of your relationship with him.

2) They prevent you from thinking too much about your partner which can create stress for you.

Take out

Those are all advantages of long distance relationship.IF you can take full advantage of them .The way you see long distance relationship might change .Of cause they are still are some disadvantages for for it .You can red them here to have better understanding of long distance relationship .

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